EverSport Swim Goggles

EverSport Swim Goggles Pack of 2 Swimming Goggles Anti Fog UV Protection Streamline Design Soft Nose Piece 180 Degree Vision Triathlon Goggles Adult Men Women Youth Teens Indoor Outdoor

$ 13.99
✓ 2 CHOICES OF GOGGLES: To avoid hurting your nose there is one pair goggles with 180 degree streamlined design for high nose bridge. The other pair is for teens or adult with little bridge of nose. Both goggles offer you undistorted peripheral vision as well as safer and faster swimming experience.
✓ SUPER ANTI-FOG & ANTI-UV: Anti-fog coating offers a outstanding clarity and long distant view under water swimming. 100% UV PROTECTION protect your eyes from being hurt by UV and reduce glare from bright lights.
✓ SOFT AND COMFORTABLE SILICONE: With flexible double silicone frame and gasket the smart fit can mold to face size; With wide range vision lens you can surely enjoy a much better clarity.
✓ QUICK RELEASE HEAD STRAP: Well-designed clasp make it easy to put swimming goggles on and off through one press without problems of pulling hairs out. The adjustable straps can make it fit most sizes of adult/youth/teens.
✓ Reminder: Clear lens is ideal for indoor more clearer. Mirrored lens is more suitable for outdoor use cool and UV protection. ALL OF OUR SWIM GOGGLES HAVE 12 MONTHS WARRANTY !


Eversport pro-swimming goggles are enjoyed by youth and adult swimmers. The strap is easy to adjust between sizes and the quick release clasp on the back means you can fit them in seconds without getting them tangled in your hair. The comfortable Leak-free soft silicone seals and ergonomic gasket are designed to fit adult/youth/teenagers. With Two Pairs of goggles, you can enjoy swimming with your friends and family.

Soft and Flexible Nose Bridge

  • 180 DEGREE STREAMLINED DESIGN - offer you undistorted peripheral vision as well as a safer and faster swimming experience.
  • FLEXIBLE SOFT NOSE BRIDGE - ultra-soft silicone material, flexible & durable, and never hurt your nose.

Comfortable&Soft Silicone Seals

  • Comfortable silicone frame offers no-leaking protection which allows you to concentrate on swimming.
  • The super-soft silicone gaskets create a perfect seal every time due to their double-seal design, so you can enjoy leak free swimming.

Comfortable Cushion

  • Flexible silicone frame and gasket provides maximum comfort
  • Good sealing cushion keeps water out

Upgraded Anti-fog Coating

  • Always remember to wet the lens inside so the coating can work. Put goggles in pool water for a while before swim.
  • NEVER wipe the lens.
  • After swim, wash the lens with fresh water and then let it air dry.

Quick Realease Strap

  • Convenient to put on and take off your goggles
  • Prevents painful hair tangles while removing your goggles


4.4 / 5


Q: Does it come with nose plugs?
A: No
Q: Do these goggles fit comfortably?
A: Yes they are a good fit much more comfortable than my last ones. You don't have to push them in around the glass to stop them leaking or adjust them once fitted.

Q: Do these googles keep water out of your eyes?
A: Yes they make a great seal that does not allow water in. They also don't leave an impression when you take them off.

Q: Do these goggles fit comfortably?
A: Yes they are a good fit much more comfortable than my last ones. You don't have to push them in around the glass to stop them leaking or adjust them once fitted.